SuperCar ShootOut Championship Points Series

2016 SuperCar World Champion
Billy Atwood



SuperCar ShootOut Series Points System

Points will be awarded to each car based on the following criteria-

Come to an event without your car and support the race= 2 Points

Come to an event and Qualify for the day and recieve= 12 Points

QUICK-8 (1-8)
Qualify for Quick-8=  10 points

Quick-8 and Match Race Qualifying Bonus* -
Level 1, Super Cars (10.99 & below) = 1 point
Level 2 (11.00 - 11.49)= 2 points
Level 3 (11.50 - 11.70)= 3 points
Level 4 (11.71 & up)= 4 points

Number 1 Qualifier= 1 point

All Round Winners= 1 point per round
Two out of Three individual Race Win= 1 point per race upto three points for winning all races in Two out of Three match up

Quick-8 Winner Bonus= 1 point
Quick-8 Consolation Winner= 1 point

Qualify for Second Quick-8= 8 points
All Second Quick-8 Round Winners= 1 point
Second Quick-8 Consolation Winner= 1 point

Points will be awarded at all SuperCar ShootOut events in 2010

Quick-8 and Match Race Qualifying Bonus -
All cars start at Level-4
@ 11.70 the car will move to Level-3
@ 11.49 the car will move to Level-2
@ 10.99 the car will move to Level-1 SuperCar

Once a car reaches the next Level #, it will remain there for all future 2009 races.
Even if the car can not perform at the current level. Unless the combination changes)
New level takes effect immediately when next performance level is attained.

Points are assigned to the car and combination. (Motor / Trans)
Points can not be traded, sold or given.
All runs must be official SuperCar runs ie: official SuperCar Event.

Prizes will be awarded at the end on the SuperCar Season at our annual Awards Banquet.

Car A starts the year as a 1971 Cuda 440 six pak, runs 11.50. (the car is now Level-3) After 3 races the motor fails. Motor is replaced with a 383, this is now a new combo and starts over with points, at the performance level the new combo is running.

Car B starts with a 1971 Mustang 351 Cleveland running 12.21. (the car is Level-4) After the forth race the car is replaced with a 429 running 11.41. This is now a new car, and the points start over at Level-2.

Car C starts with a 396 Camaro and a TH350 running 11.78. (Level-4) Later replaces transmission with a 4 speed running 11.55. The car starts over in points, at Level-3.

SuperCar ShootOut Championship Points Series

2015 SuperCar World Champion
Ted Daros


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