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Official SuperCar Races
Stock Appearing Rules

SuperCar racing is for 1955 to 1979 muscle cars built in United States and Canadian assembly plants. Factory lightweight cars built for sanctioned drag racing and dealership built/modified cars are not eligible to participate in the SuperCar series, but are eligible to compete in the SuperCar Xtreme Exhibition series. Cars must have been originally equipped with a minimum of four-barrel carburetion and dual exhaust.

January 1, 2010
Official SuperCar Races Stock Appearing Rules

Most parts of the car will fall into one of four categories:

1) Correct OEM parts. These parts must be proper for the year, make, model, and horsepower claimed, and they must be Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts. Examples: Intake manifold and cylinder heads.

2) Correct parts. These parts are the same as Correct OEM parts, except they do not need to be OEM manufactured. Reproduction parts, that duplicate the Correct Original parts in appearance, form, function and material and are primarily designed as “restoration” parts are allowed, as long as they comply with all other applicable rules. Examples: wheels, upholstery, emblems, replacement sheet metal, etc.

3) Spec parts. Parts that meet a specification defined in the rules, but are not necessarily Correct or stock appearing. Examples: tires, exhaust system. Note: Every effort should be made to achieve a stock “look” with these parts. For example; your car did not come from the factory with a 2-1/2” mandrel bent exhaust system. But it is specified in the rules that you may run one. Do not have it powder coated pink or highly polished stainless. Rather, try to keep the finish somewhat consistent with what the original correct exhaust system would have been.

4) Correct Appearing. Everything not specified otherwise must be correct appearing. “Correct appearing” and “appearing correct” means: upon a cursory visual inspection by someone reasonably familiar with the year, make and model claimed, it looks like a correct part.

1.00 BODY
1.01 The correct original appearance must be retained.
1.02 No custom or fiberglass replacement body panels or exterior componants are allowed.
Repro parts are OK if made from correct original material, ie: repro fiberglass hood on 440 six-pack.
1.03 No "custom" paint colors, designs, or lettering is allowed.
Paint color must appear stock. Graphics (for advertising or creative purposes) will not be allowed anywhere on the vehicles. Only correct graphics will be allowed. Example: Dodge Scat Pack bumble bees ,Hurst Olds, Yenko graphics, etc. Exception: Any SuperCar ShootOut Sticker Or other similar styles of racing series sticker may be allowed.
1.04 Front and rear car height and overall appearance must appear correct.
1.05 Bumpers, fenders and under hood must retain all correct bracing and reinforcements.
1.06 Correct inner fender panels, front and rear, must be retained.
1.07 Factory hood scoops, ram air, fresh air induction must appear correct.
1.08 Interior seating, trim, and materials must appear correct.
1.09 Aftermarket tachs and gauges are allowed if mounted on the steering column or under the dash.
1.10 Correct glass only. All windows must be functional and closed during all runs.
1.11 Hood must be fully closed during all runs.
1.12 The trunk may be used to house modifications other than those explicitly stated as illegal (nitrous etc.). However, like other modifications to the car, Supercar Races Mandates that the racer maintain a stock and stealth like appearance. "TRUNK APPEARANCE IS A TECH ITEM". No visible Weight Bars, No Visible Fuel Cells, or other performance non stock items are allowed in the trunk. A rollbar is OK if visible (Must be painted to look discrete). Ballast may be placed in the trunk if hidden and a stealth like appearance is maintained.

2.01 Engine block must appear to be a correct* original block. Any vintage OEM block of the same engine family is legal as long as it appears externally correct and is of the correct block material. New OEM reproduction blocks are allowed only if it duplicates a legal vintage block in design, material, appearance, bore size and performance. Block casting number does not have to be correct*.
For example:
a. A correct* 400 cid block could be replaced with a vintage, OEM 455 block, if it appears externally correct*, and is made from the correct* material.
b. A correct* Mopar 340 car could use an OE iron LA 318, 340 or a 360 OE block of any vintage.
c. A correct* 327 Chevy can use an OE 350 or 400 block, if it appears externally correct*, and is made from the correct* material.
d. A correct* 426 Hemi car can use a Mopar reproduction Hemi block.
2.01.01 Aftermarket blocks are allowed on a case by case basis by approval of the Supercar rules comittee. The criteria used to determine legality includes but is not limited to; duplication of the stock deck height, stock cam location, stock bore spacing, stock material, and acceptance of ALL factory components. Blocks that have raised decks and or raised cam locations are strictly prohibited.
The following pre-approved aftermarket blocks have already been reviewed are allowed by the Supercar rules.
a. 427 Ford Genesis Block
b. Chevrolet- World 081101 081101-4565 legal if Merlin name is removed to appear stock
c. Chrysler Hemi Mega Block
P5007622AB 426 Hemi Cast Iron Siamesed-Bore Block (Rough Bored at 4.19")
P5007623AB 426 Hemi Cast Iron Siamesed-Bore Block — Rough Bored at 4.498"
d. OE 350 Oldsmobile Diesel Block
e. ZL1 Aluminum Block, Casting number 3946053 part number 12370850. Note; When using this block, all efforts should be made to machine the hex recess in the new freeze plugs to look like original square drive freeze plugs.

2.02 Dealer installed engines and dealer performed modifications are not allowed.

2.03 Cylinder Heads*: Cylinder Head MUST be of correct OEM casting, have correct original OEM casting numbers and be of correct original OEM material. If using a factory correct Replacement Cylinder Heads* the following criteria must be followed. The use of a Factory OEM Replacement Cylinder Head* must have the correct Replacement OEM part number and must be approved by the Rules Committee. The original part number Cylinder Head is allowed without approval.

2.03.0 A list of approved Cylinder Heads;

2.03.1 Chevrolet Big Block
1968 thru 1973 castings Rect Port Heads.
GM Head 12363408 (Casting number is 12363401)
GM Head 14011077

2.03.2 Chrysler Small Block
1968 to 1974- 915 (j, u, o, z) and 894 (x)

2.03.4 Chrysler Big Block
1968-1974- big block heads open chamber 906, 452 etc.
Chrysler- Mopar part # P5249824 No Freeze Plug end. casting # 24065518-M
Mopar part # P5007494 No Freeze Plug end

2.03.5 Ford Big Block

2.03.6 BIG BLOCK Oldsmoblie
1965 442 400 383821 A 80
1966-1967 442 & W-30 400 389395 B 80
1968-1969 442 & W-30, W-32 400 394548 C 80
1968-1969 HURST OLDS 455 400370 D 69.75
1970 442, SX 455 403686 E 77
1970 W-30 455 404438 F, Alternate, E 80
1971 442, SX 455 409100 G 80
1971 W-30 455 409160 H, Alternate,G,Ga,Ka 80
1972 442, H/O & W-30 455 409100

2.03.7 SMALL BLOCK Oldsmobile
1964 Cutlass, F85 330 385101 1 60
1965 Cutlass, F85 330 2
1966 Cutlass, F85 330 389384 3 60
1967 Cutlass, F85 330 394497 4 60
1968-1969 Cutlass, F85, W31 350 397742 5 64
1968-1969 Cutlass, F85 350 397742 5 64
1970 Cutlass, F85, W-31 350 403859 6 64
1970 Cutlass, F85, Rallye 350 350 403859 6 64
1971 Cutlass, F85 350 409147 7 64
1972 Cutlass, F85, 442 350 engine 350 409147 7a 64

2.03.8 Pontiac
"D-port" heads from 1967 to 1974

Replacement Heads not listed that fall under the same criteria need to be brought to the SuperCar Rules Committee. You may Call, PM or E-mail the Rules Committee to have your Cylinder Head approved and added to the list. Casting date codes are not looked at and are not part of the tech process.
2.04 Internal engine modifications OK.
2.05 The entire engine compartment and engine assembly, including accessories, must appear correct, except for items specifically defined otherwise in these rules. Appearance of the engine will be inspected with the air filter housing off and on. Removal of pollution control air pump is allowed. Engine torque strap OK.
Engine color should appear stock.
2.06 No Nitrous Oxide allowed.
2.07 Lightweight mini starters OK, if painted to appear as stock as possible.
2.08 Aftermarket harmonic balancers are OK, if painted to appear as stock as possible.
2.09 Intake Manifold MUST be correct OEM casting, have correct original casting numbers and be of correct original material.

3.01 The carburetor must appear externally correct. The stamped part number need not be correct. Internal modifications are OK and larger CFM carburetors are allowed as long as they maintain the stock appearance of the factory correct carburetor. For example an 800 Quadrajet can replace an 750 Quadrajet as long as it appears externally correct, however a vacuum secondary holley cannot be replaced with a mechanical secondary Holley.
3.02 Carb choke flap and assembly is optional.
3.03 Choke horn removal is not allowed.
3.04 Carb spacers are not allowed
3.05 Maximum of 2 OEM type gaskets allowed under carb.
3.06 The air filter housing assembly must appear correct.
All qualifying and race runs must be done with the correct appearing air filter housing and an air filter in place. Correctly sized aftermarket air filters are OK.
3.07 Stock Appearing mechanical fuel pump must be retained.
3.08 Electric fuel pumps are allowed if mounted in a location out of view.
Fuel regulators and fuel pressure gauges are OK, if mounted in a location out of view.
3.09 Correct fuel lines are required from engine mounted mechanical fuel pump to carburetor.
3.10 Fuel lines from tank to mechanical pump may be upgraded.
3.11 Gasoline as outlined here is the only acceptable fuel for use in SuperCar ShootOuts.
The SuperCar tech inspector reserves the right to check gasoline at any time during competition. Gasoline is defined as a mixture of hydrocarbons only. The average dielectric constant (D.C.) for the hydrocarbons that compromises gasoline is 2.025. This is defined as a reading of "0" on the fuel-check meter.
3.13 Propylene Oxide, Nitro-methane, alcohol and nitro-propane are NOT allowed.

4.01 Cast iron exhaust manifolds are mandatory and must be correct, have correct casting numbers and be of correct material. Under no circumstances will headers be allowed, including those cars that had headers delivered in the trunk.
Internal modifications are OK. Correct appearing exhaust manifold paint or coatings are OK. Casting date codes are not looked at and are not part of the tech process. Headers are allowed for a first time racer. One time only. Once the racer decides to be part of the series a game plan must be set by the Racer to be in compliance to respected set rules.
4.02 Even if equipped from the factory with cut-outs, all runs must be made with closed exhaust running through the mufflers.
4.03 Exhaust systems may be upgraded to a maximum of 2.5" diameter head and tail pipes.
Exception: Certain Max Wedge cars left the factory with 3" inch head pipes, these cars can retain these head pipes up to, but not past, the transmission tail-shaft. Even if equipped from the factory with cut-outs, all runs must be made with closed exhaust running through the mufflers.
4.04 Mufflers must be stock looking in design (Welded mufflers not encouraged). Maximum muffler inlet and outlet is 2.5”.
4.05 Exhaust pipes must exit in the correct original location.
4.06 Excessive exhaust leaks are not allowed.
4.07 "X" and "H" pipes are allowed. The “X” pipe assembly can not exceed 24” in length.

5.01 Valve covers must appear correct.
5.02 Valve cover spacers are not allowed.
5.03 Maximum of 2 OEM type gaskets under each valve cover allowed.

6.01 Camshaft must produce a correct stock sound at idle. Engine idle noise level will be checked using Radio Shack Meter 33-2055 Set on Filter C, Slow responce. Engine Idle will be measured @ 1000 RPM's in neutral or park, standing 3 Ft. away from the back bumper at waist height, the car in question must not exceed 108 Dba on the said meter.

7.01 All pulleys must be correct appearing.
7.02 Belts running the water pump and alternator must be retained at all times.

8.01 The distributor, distributor cap and coil must appear correct,
Distributor housing does not need to have original part number stamped in body.
8.02 Coil must be retained in the correct location.
8.03 Aftermarket ignition boxes allowed, if mounted out of sight.
8.04 Spark plug wires and boots must be black, (or of the correct original color if the correct original color is not black) 8mm maximum diameter, and have NO aftermarket lettering on them.
Aftermarket spark plug wires are OK if they conform to the above rules.
8.05 Traction control is not legal. Traction control is defined as any device that monitors engine and/or driveline rpm in order to detect tire slip and automatically control it either mechanically or electronically.
Anyone Caught Using Traction Control Will Be Banned For Life.
8.06 Ignition & Air Fuel monitoring devices must be hidden during competition rounds this includes wiring.

9.01 The radiator, fan and radiator shroud must appear correct.
Replacement radiator caps are OK. No electric fans.
9.02 Overflow cans of at least 20 oz. are required.
Aftermarket overflow cans OK, if car originally did not have one but all attempts should be made to conceal it.

10.01 The battery must be retained in the correct location, be functional and securely fastened down with original style hold down.
Original looking batteries are encouraged but not required, Replacement batteries are OK.
10.02 The charging system must be fully operational at all times.
10.03 Under hood wiring should appear correct.
10.04 Rear mounted battery disconnect shutoff switches are allowed on cars originally equiped from the factory with rear or trunk mounted battery.

11.01 Cars that were only available with a manual transmission may not convert to an automatic. And vice/versa.
For example: 1966 & 1967 Ford Fairlane 427 2x4 only came from the factory with a manual transmission, so an automatic would not be legal.
11.02 Any OE transmission may be used if offered by the vehicle brand.
For example: an Olds with a TH400 could change to a TH350 or Powerglide, and a Chevy with a Saginaw could change to a Muncie or other GM 4 speed trans. Transmission casting numbers are not a tech issue. Internal modifications are OK.
11.03 OEM appearing aftermarket cases are OK.
11.10 Automatic Transmission:
11.11 Any torque converter is OK.
11.12 Shifter must be stock appearing.
11.13 Maximum 3 forward gears from first to direct.
11.14 Aftermarket Overdrive automatics are allowed as long as they are in a 3+1 configuration (ie GM 700R4, Mopar 518, Ford AOD)
11.15 Manual Transmission:
11.16 Any clutch/pressure plate assembly is OK. Scatter shields are OK.
11.17 3 speeds may be upgraded to a 4 speed.
11.18 Shifter must be stock appearing.
11.19 Maximum 4 forward gears from first to direct.
11.20 Aftermarket Overdrive manuals are allowed as long as they are in a 4+1 or 4+2 configuration (ie Keisler 5 and 6 speed & Richmond 4+1 OD 5 speeds are legal, however a Richmond 5 or 6 speed with 1:1 5th gear would not be legal)
11.21 Drive Shaft:
11.22 Aftermarket drive shaft is OK. Maximum 3.5” diameter.
Aftermarket drive shafts should be painted, to appear as stock as possible.

12.01 The rear axle housing must be of the same manufacturer as the car. OEM appearing aftermarket housings are OK. Internal modifications are OK. Any gear ratio allowed. Aftermarket axles are OK. Upgrade to posi-unit or spool is OK. Rear End housing must be of correct OEM Material

13.01 Traction devices are limited to hop stop bars for upper control arms on coil spring cars.
13.02 Upper and lower control arms on coil spring cars must be correct.
13.03 Pinion snubbers and clamping of leaf springs are allowed on leaf spring cars.
13.04 No slapper bars or ladder bars of any kind are allowed, unless originally equipped from the factory. Factory documentation will be required to prove authenticity for any cars with bolt on traction devices.
No dealer installed traction devices allowed.
13.05 Aftermarket bushings OK.
Must be the correct original color.
13.06 Shocks and springs must appear correct.
Aftermarket adjustable shocks are OK if painted to appear correct. Leaf springs must be made of the same material and be of the same construction as stock.
13.07 Air bags are not allowed.
13.08 Front Suspension:
13.09 The front sway bar is optional.
13.10 Aftermarket shocks, bushings and springs are OK, but must be painted to appear correct. No other aftermarket front suspension parts are allowed.

14.01 Wheels must be correct, including correct diameter, width and material.
Note: Width may be upgraded to a maximum of 6”, if the correct wheel is narrower than that. Reproduction wheels OK.
14.02 All 4 wheels and tires must be same size.
Exception: Mopar TA Challenger came from factory with G-60’s on rear and E-60’s on front.
14.03 Original equipment reproduction bias-ply tires only. No soft compound tires of any kind are allowed. Retread tires are not allowed. Any car is allowed to upgrade to a maximum size tire of G-70 of the correct wheel diameter. All cars that were originally available with a 60 series tire can upgrade to a maximum size of G-60 tire of the correct wheel diameter.
Exception: First time Supercar participants are allowed to run normal ’non-sticky’ street radials for their first Supercar race.
14.04 Aftermarket or OEM brake upgrades are allowed for safety concerns. Every effort should be made to achieve a stock appearance.
14.05 Line locks are allowed if hidden.
14.06 Tire Tech; All the repop tire treads are similar in design, 4-6 deep circular tread grooves with smaller grooves and sipes within those rows. There must be evidence of the original main tread grooves over the whole tire to be legal. Any bald sections or patches where the original main groove disappears and the tire must be replaced.Most important if your tires are questionable, make sure you bring an extra set to qualify and compete with. Tires will be inspected before during and after the event is completed and must have all of the main treads showing.

15.01 All track safety rules apply and you must pass track tech.
When required by track safety rules, roll bars and aftermarket seat belts will not be cause for disqualification under the 'stock appearing' requirement in the SuperCar rules. We require that everyone racing in the SuperCar class maintain a stock image and appearance as best they can. Every effort should be made to integrate required safety equipment with a correct appearance. Careful shaping and placement of the roll bar tubes to hide them as best as possible and painting of the roll bar is one way to try and blend in the roll bar with the interior.

16.01 Underside of vehicle needs to appear correct when viewed from ground level, 3 feet outside perimeter of the car.
Exceptions to this are any components specifically identified and mentioned in the rules.

17.01 SuperCar Participants running 13.99 and slower may run a non sticky radial tire
17.02 SuperCar Participants running 13.99 to 12.00 are allowed to race at multiple events as long as Rules are being adopted to make ther Car 100% compliant to the set rules. Casting numbers may be incorrect but the Factory appearance must be present.
17.02 SuperCar Participants running 11.99 and quicker must comply to set rules. All Casting numbers must be correct and the factory look must be maintaned at all times.
17.03 SuperCars Running 11.70 or quicker, Must comply to all the rules and pass certification. 11.70 or Quicker are required to remove valve covers to check casting numbers. Intake Manifold may be inpsected by removal of the carburetor/s

Published; January 1, 2010

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