SuperCar New Builds
Are you building or planning on building a SuperCar to compete in the future? Have you new build showcased
for all to see and follow the progress. Click on the images below and see how these future SuperCars are
coming along and when they will be setting personal best or world records at a SuperCar Event.

Steve Tates's

1970 AAR Cuda 340+6BBL 4Spd. Build
Hal Oak's

1967 Chevy II 350 Auto Build

The Queen's Carriage

1974 Roadrunner GTX Build 
Dave Luke's

1969 440 Six Pack 4 Spd. Super Bee Build

Brian Parmenter's

1972 Chevelle 454 4Spd Build
 John Suess's

1969 Hurst Old Build

Ted Daros's

1969 Nova L89 Build
Ryan Archambault's

1969 ZL1 Camaro Build

Bill Dicicco's

1968 Road Runner Build
Ryan Archambault's

Complete ZL1 Engine Build

Bill Corcoran's

1968 Fury 383  Auto 2 Dr. Htp 
 Steve Minore's
(Cas-Am Performance & Restoration LLC)

350ci Oldsmobile W31 Engine Build

 Juan Ayala

1969 440+6BBL A12 Super Bee 
  Ted Thompson's

1969 Hemi GTX Build
Coming Soon!

 Joe Accardi's

1971 Cuda 440+6BBL Build
Chris Kuskowski's

416ci Small Block Chrysler Build

Billy Rimmer's

1969 Camaro Build
Sharleen Barbagallo's

1972 Demon 340 GSS Build

 Billy Atwood's

1970 GTX 440+6BBL 4Spd. Build
Chris Kuskowski's

World Record Holder 
444ci Small Block Chrysler Build

Ralph Barbagallo's

1971 Road Runner 440+6BBL Build
Your Build Here!

Jeremy Benson's

1970 Tempest T-37 400 Build
Ralph Barbagallo's

1966 Belvedere I HP2 Build

Ralph Barbagallo's

1967 426 Hemi GTX Build
 Joe Accardi's

1968 Hemi Road Runner Build

Your Build Here!
Your Build Here!

Your Build Here!
Would you like to have your new build featured? It's easy, just sign up to the the SuperCar Forum; Start a post with pictures and conversation around your build's details and we will link your car to the Website for everyone to see and visit. It's like having your own personal web page on SuperCars.

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